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About Us

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Our Story

       Just Glam Medical Aesthetics is focused on bringing quality care to anyone who is looking to enhance their natural beauty through aesthetic treatments. Just Glam provides a comfortable, trustworthy and friendly environment in an effort to ensure that patients have clarity in the treatments they are getting. Just Glam seeks to empower patients who seek personalized treatment and care. Bringing to anyone who seeks aesthetic treatments the power to be Fearlessly GLAM.


       Ana Builes started Just Glam Aesthetics after falling in love with empowering others to be the best version of themselves. She saw a need in aesthetics for medical professionals who could bring guidance and clarity to patients who seek to enhance their natural beauty through aesthetic treatments. Joined by her business partner Savina, they now run a practice that focuses on empowering others, enhancing their natural beauty, and building a community of people who are knowledgeable about aesthetic treatments while also feeling captivating, empowered, and fearlessly glam!


A Family Nurse Practitioner with over 3 years experience and 12 years as a Registered Nurse, my specialties are Neonatal Health, Perioperative, and Aesthetics.  My desire to become an Aesthetic Injector and Entrepreneur is why I started Just Glam Aesthetics.  It began as a concierge service and now has a home in the heart of Astoria, NY.  I strive to help my patients feel beautiful and confident by incorporating medicine and art.  Your face is my canvas.


Savina Ruppaner

With over 3 years experience as a Registered Nurse with a hospital background in Neonatal ICU and Medical Surgical, I have used these skills to pursue my passion for Aesthetics. Joining my role model, Ana Builes, FNP, in my community is a blessing.  We build trusting and honest relationships with our patients so they feel safe at our practice.  As an Aesthetic Injector,  I believe in naturally enhancing one’s beauty to build confidence.  I love helping my patients feel their best. 

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