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Dermal Fillers

        Facial Contour is the use of dermal fillers to alter and enhance the contours of the face in order to achieve the desired appearance. This can be done via various filler treatments and is tailored to the individual’s facial anatomy and preferences. The final results have inspired an increasingly popular makeup trend, which uses highlighters and powders to create the illusion of striking facial contours.
The most common areas to be injected are:
  • Cheeks – to create definition, provide a ‘lift’ and restore the cheekbone prominence

  • Jaw – to create a stronger and more defined jawline

  • Chin – to soften jowls and improve proportions in the lower face including correcting for side profile appearances

  • Temple – to restore smooth contours and create balance in the upper face

  • Lips – to create that irresistible ‘pout’!

Our services include: Glam lips, chin, jawline, cheek augmentation, facial balancing, nasolabial (laugh lines) and temples.

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